It’s about realizing that one was in love with a person who didn’t loved one back.

Silence : Life : Me

Sometimes silence speaks more than what words can describe And that very silence can hurt you so bad That you never imagine to cure yourself And how sometimes that reason why you’re hurt becames the best thing in your life Cause without it you’d never realise that silence can safe your life It’s very hard…


Think you good Think you better But how on earth You prove me wrong ———————————————————— I’ve always been my true self But you show me your act up self —————————————————————– People may praise your act But I ain’t no drama lover


I’ve changed I can tell by the way I used to walk I can tell by the way I used to smile I can tell by the way I used to be myself And this change I can tell it has turned my way around And I’m sure that I can’t go back about I…

Your Smile

Your smile, I find it cute Your pictures, I stare them down Your speeches, oh you make me smile Your heart, it teach me love Tell me, if there’s something more you’ve kept hidden apart Tell me, your deepest secrets I promise to zip it in my heart Talks with you makes me forget about…

My Bad Qualities

Realizing what your own bad qualities are and thinking of way to overcome or reduce the effects of the same.

Only yours to be called

Life is a gift You take it with out your will And the world is the wrapper It holds you inside it Now love is the real surprise Which I would gift it to you But do know it That your heart may get broken And its alright my love Cause it could be fixed…