It’s about realizing that one was in love with a person who didn’t loved one back.


I’m standing here On this cold, smooth grass And as I look around All I see is dark My heart starts beating faster than usual My mind starts thinking Should I go through this jungle? It looks dark, scary! And the sounds doesn’t seem friendly Having second thoughts isn’t even in the question Cause going…


What can you say When there is no one to listen Am I worth it? Do I deserve your love? You’ve always loved me But I never cared I want to cry But my face is dry It hurts more The pain is killing me inside Little by little Like a beam of light You…


The span of time No one ever thought of living in The time of life Even imagination couldn’t reach in Our hearts are one In this devastative state that we’re in And no matter how long it takes We’ll fight and win this damn thing!


When I was little Life was so limited I only knew my friends and my family And didn’t knew the world…. God it makes me laugh and cry On how silly was I So naive and fool Where was I Such innocent Minds Didn’t how the world worked. But now I’ve come far away but…


This poem is written by Dolly Boro as a gift for my birthday. Truly a beautiful one and that which describes the real me and our friendship. Its so beautiful I had to share it . Enjoy .

A mistake

when you realise that your friendship is fake

Silence : Life : Me

Sometimes silence speaks more than what words can describe And that very silence can hurt you so bad That you never imagine to cure yourself And how sometimes that reason why you’re hurt becames the best thing in your life Cause without it you’d never realise that silence can safe your life It’s very hard…


Think you good Think you better But how on earth You prove me wrong ———————————————————— I’ve always been my true self But you show me your act up self —————————————————————– People may praise your act But I ain’t no drama lover


I’ve changed I can tell by the way I used to walk I can tell by the way I used to smile I can tell by the way I used to be myself And this change I can tell it has turned my way around And I’m sure that I can’t go back about I…